Hat Size options

Our hat sizes are measured in inches. The pictured hat in each listing is available for immediate purchase in the size listed in its description. Future updates to our site will allow offer a wider range of sizing for immediate purchase. Until then, alternate sizes of many styles may be available now as a special order. Email jen@diewithahaton.com for more information.

Dress vs. men's weight

The "weight" of a hat refers to the density of the fur felt from which it is made. "Dress" and "Men's" are the common terms used to describe the density with which the fur is felted. "Men's Weight" felts are more dense, which makes it a much stiffer and more durable hat, though it adds considerably to the actual weight of the hat on your head. We use both Leather and Ribbon sweatbands on our Men's Weight hats, depending on the style. Leather sweatbands add to the weight of the hat. Ribbons can be changed to leather for an additional fee. 

A "Dress Weight" felt is less dense, which means it is softer and lighter on the head. Despite the name, most are perfectly suitable for everyday wear. Some of our "dress weight" hats have been lightly stiffened as noted in the product descriptions. We consider our hats suitable for both men and women; we use such terms only because they are the industry standard.

How to measure your head

Hold a tape measure around the circumference of your head about 1/8 inch above your ear, making sure the tape stays level all the way around and does not slip. Do not pull the tape measure too tightly across the head. This will be easiest if you get a friend to help. If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string, which you can then measure with a yard stick. This method will not be as exact as the measuring tape. Your result will be your actual head size, though it may not necessarily be the hat size you purchase (see the section titled "Fit"). 


If you purchase a hat the same size as the measurement taken by the instructions above, it will rest at the line you measured - just above the ears. If you want a hat to sit higher on your head - as is the common preference for hats like porkpies or boaters - purchase a smaller sized hat. In choosing a hat, you should also note the height of the crown. A taller, more narrow head would require a taller crown. Consider as well whether you prefer a snugger or looser fit and size up or down accordingly. If you are not sure of your preference, visit a local hat shop and try on various sizes.


If you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return it for store credit or exchange within 2 weeks of your receipt. Refunds are not available. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Product must be returned in its original packaging and in the same condition you received it. Obvious signs of wear will nullify its eligibility for exchange, and we will return it to you at your expense.

Thank you for your understanding.