Fedora, inspired by the first fedoras in the 19th century

Soft Brown Plush Fur Felt

Trim: 2” Width Petersham Ribbon , Natural-colored coque feathers

and Upturned Ribbon-bound Wire Brim

Crown: 4.5" High with hand-formed center dent

Brim: 2" Width with Wired with matching Petersham ribbon

Matching Head-size Ribbon

Head Size: 22"*

*Available in additional sizes and colors. Can be finished with standard bow trim. Email for more information

Inspired by the first fedoras, which were primarily worn by women. The term Fedora was coined as a result of the 1882 play, Fédora, written by Victorien Sardou for Sarah Bernhardt, who played the title role - Princess Fédora Romazov. Bernhardt was known for boldy donning male fashion - the fedora itself considered to fit more in that category at a time when women were fighting for equal rights. The Women’s Rights Movement subsequently adopted it as a symbol.

Our Bernhardt is a nod to its 19th Century birth and that no gender should be limited by societal expectations in their fashion choices.

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